World Leader Project

  • World Leader Project
  • Challenging the myth of the naturally gifted speaker, the workshop comprises engaging exercises that teach primary school pupils the communication skills employed by politicians to engage an audience. The workshop is staged as a Children's World Change Summit to include 10 children from Manchester and 10 children from China.

    Child candidates from inner city Manchester, whose lives will benefit from the ability to vote and campaign, will gain insight into the workings of government and women's contribution, plus the skills to make a difference to their world. The Children's World Change Summit provides an opportunity to direct media attention towards children who are actively interested in the current political state of the country and their world, to give them a platform for their views. Using performance to engage the young people with politics, participants will create their own party-political broadcast.

    Visit the Houses of Parliament for a tour including an exhibition of "209 Women" in Parliament. Followed by a presentation of their talks to Central Manchester MP Lucy Powell, Withington MP Jeff Smith and a female Member of The House of Lords.
  • Mango Little Ambassadors
  • Part of Mango TV, Mango Little Ambassadors travelled around the UK learning the culture of United Kingdom and exchanging culture from China.

    Whilst being filmed for the travel log for Mango TV, the children experienced themed activities such as visiting Manchester United and understanding the way of football from Manchester United Legend Willie Morgan. Learn to write, express and project a speech in the World Leader Project devised from Specialist Lectures from Goldsmith University and invited by Lousy Powell MP to present their speech in 1 Parliament Square, London. Visit Bolton University's Motorsport & Automotive Performance Engineering to learn about UK's for front of motorsports and leading engineering.
World Leader Project